bird watching in the capertee valley

Stay in luxury glamping accommodation and explore our wonderful wildlife. The Capertee Valley is recognised internationally as an Important Bird Area (IBA) and one of the 50 top birdwatching locations in the world. A diversity of habitats has resulted in a proliferation of bird species finding refuge here. Surrounded on all sides by spectacular sandstone cliffs, the valley is in transition zone where the forests of the Blue Mountains give way to the woodlands of the NSW western slopes.


Vegetation varies from semi-rainforest to open forest, grassy woodlands and farmland grasslands. Not as heavily cleared as many other rural areas, the valley retains large areas of the critically endangered White Box–Yellow Box–Blakely’s Red Gum Grassy Woodland and Derived Native Grassland. Many woodland bird species, whose populations have fallen alarmingly elsewhere, remain relatively common and easily seen here.


Enjoy from your cosy log cottage balcony or go for a hike through the Capertee Valley nearby. 

Birds spotted by one of our regular campers in one weekend includes White-face Heron, a Collared Sparrowhawk, a Brown Falcon and a Moorhen and Wedgetail Eagles abound.


The parrot population at Turon Gates is incredible with rare Gang-Gangs, Galahs, Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Australian King Parrots, Crimson and Eastern Rosellas and Grass Parrots that are all often sighted and  you will always often see Australian Wood Ducks and Black Ducks with their little train of babies following them gently downstream.


Kookaburras are very common and popular you will hear their laughter every evening around sunset. Fan-tail Cuckoos, Kingfishers, White-Throated Treecreepers, Fairy Wrens, Scrubwrens, Yellow Thornbills are commonly sighted together with Friarbirds, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, White-Eared Honeyeaters, Rufous Whistlers and your Willie Wagtails, White-winged Trillers and Woodswallows and Grey Butcherbirds. The pigeon family is represented by both the Bronze Wing and Top Notch variety.


The Australian Magpie, Pied Currawong, Australian Ravens are common birds in our area, Red-brown Finches, House Sparrows, altogether there is at least 70 varieties of bush birds that join the amazing bush life at Turon Gates.

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