Activities at Turon Gates

There are many things to do at and around Turon Gates.  HORSE RIDE up the river.  Mountain Bike along the fire trails.

The Turon Valley is famous for its BIRD WATCHING. CANOES are available for hire or bring your own kayak or canoe.

Try your hand at GOLD PANNING in a real gold rush historic region. Take a day trip and explore the fun country towns - there are so many THINGS TO DO NEARBY. If you have a FISHING license and it's the fishing season there are trout and carp in the river so bring your fly rod with you. Connect with family and friends with simple activities like BUSHWALKING, SWIMMING in the river, roasting marshmellows around the fire and GAZING AT THE STARS...

Or simply do nothing...


Mountain Bike Riding
Trout fishing season
Swim in the river
Canoeing down the river
Picnic by the river
Stargazing by the campfire

Bushwalking is one of the best things to do at Turon.  There's something about walking and talking together that brings loved ones closer.


All city stresses and worries disappear from thought as you walk in the bush, crossing rivers, listening to birds and spotting wildlife.


Take some sandwiches and fruit and follow our marked trails for a full or half day hike. Devils Climb is great if you would like a challenging walk uphill or if you prefer a lighter type of amble, there are many trails on level ground.



Steep hills, river crossings and challenging tracks taking you across mountain ridges, where views are breathtaking. There are thousands of acres of great back country to explore.


Canoes are available on request and are lots of fun to hire for half a day for $30 + $20 deposit.


The crystal clear Turon River is a freshwater trout stream and perfect for all dedicated fly fisherman. The season extends from the October to June long weekends. Please bring your own fishing gear and license.



Far away from city lights and smog, the crystal clear skies at Turon Gates show you stars as you have never seen before.


There's gold in them thar hills. Borrow some gold pans and give it a go. There is often a reward. Make sure you ask us about the best places to look and how to do it!


Swim in wonderful deep bush swimming holes against a sheer cliff backdrop with Tarzan rope to swing on - a lovely way to keep cool in summer.