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The canoes for hire are located on the river near Cabin 6 and Cabin 1 where the water is deeper. There are also canoes near the campground but it's generally more shallow in the river and we recommend those canoes for kids to have a play. The canoes are pet friendly too!

You will need to go to the Manager's Cabin to collect the key and oars at the time your canoe hire is set to begin. You will then drive to the designated parking area near the canoes and park your vehicle to walk a short distance to the canoes. Simply use the key to unlock the canoe and have fun!


We will need a form of ID as security so please bring a driver's licence or something to leave as security, 

Once your time slot is finished, please tie your canoe back up and lock it as you found it with the key. Please take the key and oars back to the Manager's Cabin and receive back your ID.


We don't supply life jackets so if that is a concern for you, please do bring your own life jacket with you.


Each canoe will carry 2 to 3 adults or a few adults and a pet or an adult and a few children.


The river height goes up and down depending on the amount of rain we have had. Sometimes the river is deeper and the current may be stronger than other times - it's all part of the fun! You may need to carry your canoe a little to get over a shallow area depending on when you stay with us.


There are several ways to book a canoe (or any activity or extra at Turon Gates)

1) you can book at the time of making your reservation and select your preferred day and time slot

2) you will receive a link to your reservation on your email confirmation and final confirmations which can be clicked on to take you to your reservation to add activities.

3) you can call the reservations line and ask them to add this to your booking for you.

4) you can book directly with the manager onsite - the only problem with this is that sometimes the activities can become fully booked and you may miss out on your preferred activity or time slot.


If the weather is poor or you cancel or change your trip dates, we provide a full refund for any activity not provided.

If however, the weather is fine and you forget about your time slot for example, we cannot provide a refund as we have held this time slot for you.

If you would like to change your time slot/cancel prior to arrival at the property, please simply contact the reservations team and they will take care of this for you.

If you are at the property and wish to change / cancel without penalty, please contact the Manager at the Manager's cabin on site with at least 24 hours notice.

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