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At the time you make your booking, payment in full is required. 

The site charge includes one vehicle and one person - this may be a 2WD, 4WD or Campervan. Additional charges depending on number of guests and pets up to a maximum of 5 guests and 2 pets per site. Children under 2 are free of charge.

If you have more than 5 guests, you will need to book a second site for the additional guests above the maximum allowed per site, even if you only have one vehicle.

Box trailers, camper trailers and caravan trailers are an additional fee per night. Please book a site for your vehicle and then select your trailer type from the add-ons offered. There is no need to book a second site for your trailer.

Every guest, vehicle, trailer, and pet must be paid for and registered at the time of booking. Use of the amenities is included in your fee. There are no extra charges for hot water showers. The amenities block is near the campground behind the hay shed. You can see the location on the map. There are separate showers and toilets for men and women. The hot water is not limited.

If you have bathroom facilities in your campervan, no refuse disposal is available; you must take it with you.

Please note: no tents are allowed near cottages, cabins and glamping tents. If your friends are staying in the accommodation, you may not camp near them.

Turon Gates accommodation is for guests booked in that accommodation only. You may not invite guests to spend the day or stay with you. They must be booked to stay in the accommodation at Turon Gates.

Camping bookings are made online. We have a booking system which allows you to make your own Group bookings so you can be sure that all your friends will be able to camp on the same weekend if you are getting together with a group of camps.

If you need assistance making your booking, please contact our friendly reservations team.


Check in time is between 11am and 8pm on your arrival date. No arrivals after 8pm please. Check out is before 11am on the day of departure. During school term, you may stay and enjoy the day on your day of checkout as it is not very busy. However, during school holidays, the check out time is strictly adhered to as the incoming guests need to be able to find a suitable location.


Our camping is family friendly. No music or noise is allowed after 10pm - quiet talking only.


No generators, motorbikes, drones or chainsaws are allowed. If you want to use a drone, you may ask the manager for permission and they will advise you areas where you may operate the drone without disturbing other guests.


All customers need to use the Turon Gates amenities. By leaving it and your campsite clean and tidy, everyone will find their stay more enjoyable.

Small pieces of plastic may be considered food by wildlife and is dangerous for wildlife to consume. All rubbish including tiny bits of plastic and wrappers must be removed and placed in garbage bins provided or taken with you. There is no additional charge for using rubbish bins.


Must be kept under control in the campground and please don't allow your pets to bark and annoy the other guests. Do not allow your pets off lead anywhere near horses. This is not only for your pet's safety but for the safety of the rider and the horse. 

If your pet has a tendency to bite or be unfriendly, to either humans or other animals, you must keep a muzzle on it as there are young children and other pets who may approach your pet when you are not looking.


Droppings must be attended to. Pets are not allowed in the camping showers / toilets and may be tied up outside the amenities while you use them.

On walks, you may let your pet off the leash if you know for sure they will come immediately when called no matter what the temptation is -  wildlife can be very tempting - please keep your dog away from wildlife.


You may change your dates or cancel your reservation 7 days or more prior to arrival without penalty. In the event you wish to cancel 7 days or more prior to arrival, a full refund will be issued. Simply respond to your reservation email and we will take care of it. Please allow around 5 days for the refund to arrive in your account.

No refunds will be provided within 7 days of your arrival. You may make changes to your reservation dates for a small processing fee of $20 per change. Once a reservation has been changed, a refund cannot be issued. The date may be changed again and the processing fee will need to be applied again, so if considering a date change within the 7 day arrival time, please do choose your new dates carefully.


If you do not notify us of additional charges (ie more guests, more pets, additional trailer, additional night prior to check-in, you agree to accept these charges plus an additional $40 processing fee. 

In the unlikely event of extreme weather (eg flooded river) which prevents access to the property, you may change your reservation to another date or receive a full refund without penalty.

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