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The stables are located between the camp ground and the luxury Adults Only glamping area.

We offer
- lead around rides for children from the age of 3 and up
- and scenic trail rides for 10 year olds and over.

We recommend booking ahead to avoid disappointment as horseriding is very popular at Turon Gates. If you are booking online less that 48 hours prior to your arrival, you must call us to ensure we can accommodate your booking as even if the time slot is available, we need to be sure we can have our horse riding team onsite for you to take you on your ride.

There are several ways to book a Horseriding (or any activity or extra at Turon Gates)

1) you can book at the time of making your reservation and select your preferred day and time slot

2) you will receive a link to your reservation on your email confirmation and final confirmations which can be clicked on to take you to your reservation to add activities.

3) you can call the reservations line and ask them to add this to your booking for you.

4) you can book directly with the manager onsite - the only problem with this is that sometimes the activities can become fully booked and you may miss out on your preferred activity or time slot.

If booking less than 48 hours prior to your arrival, please contact us to ensure your ride is confirmed as we need to ensure we have our Horseriding team available for you.


Helmets are provided.


Scenic rides are available to people aged 10 years and over. Lead around rides are for over 3 years old.


Please meet us at the stables a minimum of 15 mins prior to your ride and do allow enough time to get to the stables in time.


You must wear closed toe shoes. People wearing thongs or sandals will not be able to ride. Long pants are recommended. Leather soled shoes with a heel are best.



Due to sizes of our horses, we have a weight restriction of 90kg for riders.

You may not ride if you are pregnant.


Sorry no phones are allowed on rides. Please lock your valuables in your car or accommodation.



Dogs, infants and children under the age of 10 may not go on trail rides and may not be left unattended in cabins or vehicles. Sorry we cannot look after your pets / children while you ride. Pets may be left unattended in your cabin if it is locked in a crate. Parents need to remain on the property while their children are riding.

Children up to 11 years old must be accompanied by a Guardian or Parent.


If your ride is scheduled during or after your checkout time, you must check out and remove your belongings from your accommodation before joining the ride unless you have prior agreement with the Managers for a late check out.


You must follow the direction of the instructor to the best of your ability. If he/she feels you are deliberately being dangerous or not following instruction, they may cancel the ride at their discretion for your safety and the safety of the other riders.


The ride will cater to the least inexperienced riding ability. If you are uncomfortable at any time, please let the instructor know.


We do everything we can to ensure you have a safe ride, however, horse riding is a dangerous activity and carries with it additional dangers and risks of injury.


if you undertake this activity, you agree to indemnify Turon Gates and agree to accept all risks.



- the weather is poor and the ride cannot go out

- you cancel or change your trip dates

- we don't have the minimum number of riders required

then we will offer alternative time and date to you. If the alternative date is not acceptable, we provide a full refund.


- you arrive late

- you arrive in footwear that is not allowed

- decide at the last minute not to go on the ride

in these instances we will not be able to wait for you as rides are in groups and we cannot inconvenience the other riders: your ticket is not refundable as we have held the space for you. We hope you understand.

If you would like to change your time slot/cancel prior to arrival at the property, please simply contact the reservations team and they will take care of this for you.

If you are at the property and wish to change / cancel without penalty, please contact the Manager at the Manager's cabin on site with at least 24 hours notice.

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