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A truly unique celebration

Turon Gates presents a unique setting to hold a range of festivities or gatherings. From weddings to conferences, family reunions, birthday occasions and sporting team end of season celebrations, you can be sure it would be an event to remember.


A wedding in the country, where guests gather for a few days rather than just one night, enables you to really connect and create a memorable time with loved ones.


Please contact us to discuss how we can create a very memorable and personalised event for you.​

Turon Gates was the most incredible place to get married. It felt like a destination wedding but was only a short drive for our guests from Sydney to spend the weekend with us. The natural beauty of the land is stunning and all of the cabins and amenities were perfect for everyone who attended. It's been over six years since we got married and our friends still comment on how much fun our wedding was, which I don't think we could have achieved anywhere else but Turon!

MH, Los Angeles, USA

On my second trip ever to Australia from Germany I was lucky to have been invited to a wedding. I could not have imagined anything more beautiful. It was this resort, but it felt like being in the Australian bush. We arrived at the cabin. I expected a little hut, but was totally surprised at how luxurious it was. Spacious bedrooms, great bathrooms, big kitchen and lounge room and a balcony overlooking the bush. From the balcony I could see kangaroos hopping around, my first time seeing them in the wild. The wedding location was beautiful. Everything was well organised. We ate and danced into the night and then didn't have to drive very far to get home to a very comfortable bed.

CE, Germany

My son’s wedding was at Turon Gates and it couldn’t have been better. To attend such an important event in a beautiful location by the river was a unique experience and very relaxed. An added bonus was there was no end-time limit so we didn’t have to pay extra or have to leave while the party was still in full swing. What made it even more special was staying in a lovely cabin with my friends for the weekend - we all  definitely want to go back!

LH, Sydney

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